7 Fun and Creative Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

7 Fun and Creative Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

Summer is here...thank goodness!

This means it's finally time to get your outdoor patio space ready for relaxing afternoons, evening dinner hangouts, and late-night parties. Get inspiration from these seven fun and creative outdoor patio design ideas!

1- Paint Your Surfaces

It’s time to get rid of the concrete floor or outdated brick wall. With just one can of paint, you can transform your drab slab into a place you don’t want to leave. If you are feeling adventurous, paint a patterned rug or lively wall scene. You won’t have to wait long for the compliments to come in.

2- Place a Hammock, Rocking Chair, or Swing

There’s nothing like a little motion to entice easy conversation and deep summer relaxation. Everyone loves laying in a hammock, swinging on a hanging bench, or gently tipping back and forth in a traditional rocking chair. Find a swinging piece of patio furniture that matches your color scheme, add a cool drink, and let the happiness happen!

3- Drape Outdoor Curtains

Add privacy, shade, and insect protection, by putting up some outdoor curtains. If you’re going for a romantic atmosphere, choose light-colored linen. Want a worldly vibe? Pick a unique and lively pattern. For a fun feel, bright colors always do the trick. No matter which way you go, you’ll love how the fabric filters the sunlight and gently sways in the breeze.

4- Light LED Candles

Another way to spice up your outdoor patio is to implement lighting. Get a fun glow for your evening parties by placing programmable battery-operated LED candles strategically on the tables and around the perimeter of your outdoor patio. These modern-day candle varieties are safe, convenient, come in every size, and look oh-so-real.

5- Just Add Pizza

Every summer gathering needs a bit of food and drink to really get it going. This can be as simple or extravagant an endeavor as you’d like. One fun option is to install an outdoor pizza oven. Keep the inside of your house cool and use this outside stone oven to cook for your guests. You can choose a built-in version (installed professionally or DIY) or go with a smaller portable unit. Either way, your pie will wow!  

6- Plant Vertically

By planting up, you can bring nature in without letting it take up precious patio floor space. Flowering vines will climb any post or trellis, succulents look spectacular potted in a frame, perennial flowers bloom easily in window boxes, and delicious herbs planted in hanging pouches grow nicely.

8- Bring in the Sand

If you have little ones who live with or visit you, putting in a patio sandbox is a sure way to win their hearts (and keep them busy so the adults can mingle). All it takes is a large box, built or bought, filled with a few bags of inexpensive sand and some fun toys. You’ll be surprised how much time the little ones will want to spend in their new favorite spot!

7- Finish with Furniture

To complete your patio, choose furniture to match your theme and style. If you want to use your patio space to host dinners and gatherings, set up a weatherproof dining table set. Or if you’d like a more casual setting, choose outdoor couches, tables, and chairs to create an open and inviting area for your guests.

Remember to consider what materials you would like your furniture to be made of. Would you prefer to use lightweight synthetic wicker furniture for a natural look? Or do you want to provide cozy comfort with durable cushions? When purchasing furniture for your patio, make sure that they are made of durable materials that will withstand the elements.

Match the Inside with the Outside

After designing your patio, take a step back. Does the inside of your home match the outside atmosphere? Complete your look by matching your interior rooms to your patio’s style and color scheme. You could even decorate a room with a 2-panel or 3-panel sliding barn door for that simple but strong statement piece!

With many different patio design ideas to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Remember to have fun and get creative as you decide what you want to implement in your outdoor (and indoor) decor. Be sure to let us know if you have other summer interior design ideas for your home!