6 DIY Rustic, Must-try Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom

6 DIY Rustic, Must-try Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom

When was the last time you gave the bathroom decor in your home serious thought? If you’re like many homeowners, chances are it’s been a while. However insignificant or unimportant the fashion of your bathrooms may seem, they are just as deserving of style as the other rooms in your home.

Rustic, vintage design is timeless, trendy, and perfect for the bathrooms in your home. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune or completely renovate your washrooms to give them a rustic style and design. With these six simple, must-try DIY ideas, you can lavish your bathrooms in a manner that makes them mesh with the other thoughtfully designed rooms in your home.

1. Reclaimed wooden box shelves

Collect several pieces of unique, old wooden boards (cool grains, odd edges, and intricate colors are ideal). Measure and cut each piece, so you have four of the same length. Using wood glue or one-inch screws, affix the pieces so that they form the perimeter of a square box. Hang the box above your toilet or on a blank wall in your bathroom to create a stylish, functional, rustic shelving unit.

2. Mason jar organizer

From makeup and toiletries to Q-Tips and toilet paper, the bathroom is highly susceptible to clutter if you’re not careful. Make an organizer perfect for your rustic bathroom design by using an old wooden pallet and several recycled mason jars. After applying a fresh coat of stain to the pallet, attach each jar using pipe fittings that can be found at your local hardware store. This quick and easy organizer is the perfect, decorative element for a rustic bathroom.

3. Go gray

Adding elements of grey is one of the quickest ways to achieve elegant, yet rustic bathroom decor. Whether you incorporate gray tile on the countertops, a light gray cabinet color, or a gray tone on the bathroom walls, this neutral, mellow tone is perfect for adding elements of rustic, country charm to your bathrooms.


4. Add antiques

No rustic bathroom is complete without a few stand-out antique elements. Vintage mirrors, heirloom toiletry organizers, and reclaimed cabinetry hardware are ideal for adding a rustic touch to your bathrooms.  

5. Tied-up trash can

A metal wastebasket and a few feet of rope can give your bathroom a classic, rustic touch. Starting on the outer base of the trashcan, tightly wind the rope around the exterior of the basket until it’s completely covered. Fasten the end of the rope to the basket using hot glue and line the interior with a disposable trash bag.  

6. Pick a pop of color

While natural, neutral tones are often the epitome of rustic decor, having an added pop of color can bring the whole theme to life. Whether it be a blue, distressed towel shelf, or barn-red bathroom armoire, color helps give your rustic bathroom a focal point and additional antique flair.

By incorporating these DIY rustic elements in your bathroom, you can bring to life a timeless, complete decorative style that brings your entire design scheme together. For additional tips and tricks on how to spruce up your home decor or for products to bring your rustic bathroom design to life, visit Artisan Hardware, today.