5 of the Latest Home Design Trends in 2018

5 of the Latest Home Design Trends in 2018

As with the fashion and food industries, the interior design world is driven by trends. These trends determine what you find on the aisles of home improvement stores and what gets pinned on Pinterest.

Whether you’re building a home, buying a fixer-upper, or just looking to do a refresh of your decor, learning the latest home design trends for 2018 can help you create a fresh, modern space that feels stylish and welcoming. Read on for five of the best trends for the upcoming year. Some of them just may surprise you!


1) Warmer tones

Many trends arise as a backlash from tired trends of the past few years, and this one is no exception. Since cool grays, deep blues, and sage green have been the colors of the past few years, 2018 is greeting us with a new twist. Those cool tones are slowly being replaced with warm colors like rust, blush pink, and golden mustard. This could mean that (dare we say it) the previously hated beige walls of the 90s may be making a comeback soon!


2) Natural, rustic materials

Sterile environments like the super modern homes we’ve seen for the past few years can get an update with touches of natural materials like stone and wood. These materials are being incorporated in everything from natural wood beams to stone walls reminiscent of a historic French cottage. Rustic elements can also be brought in through textural elements like wicker chairs and baskets or fur rugs.



3) Bold prints

We’re loving the rise of bold patterns to mix up the minimalist, neutral palettes we’ve seen in years past. Bold patterns are coming around in the form of geometric wallpaper, graphic print couches, and bold floral chairs. For a more subtle approach, bring in bold prints with throw pillows, blankets, and unique, bold art.



4) Statement floors

This is a trend for those really looking to shake things up in their environment. Statement floors will be the talk of your home and give a real punch to an otherwise traditional or understated space. These floors can be created with graphic tiles that now come in all kinds of unique patterns.



5) Non-white kitchens

Though we love the fresh, crisp look of an all-white kitchen, it’s exciting to see a change in the tides. Today’s most on-trend kitchens incorporate color in some aspect, whether it’s a soft gray cabinet, colored island, or bold backsplash. Natural and rustic elements that we mentioned previously are also being added to kitchens to create more warmth and depth.


beautiful kitchen with countertops, cabinets, and brick accent walls


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