5 Must Have Accessories For Your Home in 2019

5 Must Have Accessories For Your Home in 2019

Break into 2019 with a combination of the most highly-coveted home decor essentials, colors, and textures. Whether you’re making plans for your new place, giving your home a total makeover, or you simply want to refresh your decor, we’re bringing you the best of the latest trends from interior designers across the nation!

These trends can work for any type of space, so no matter what your style is, we have something for you. You’ll love the way these trends bring a fresh twist and make your home a more comfortable, inviting place to be. Without further ado, here are the top 5 must-have home accessories for 2019.

1. Curvy Furniture

You can expect to see this 70’s style trend coming back in 2019—we suspect with a bit more class. When choosing your next cushioned seating area, aim for shapely furniture. This is a welcome alternative to the rigid lines of the popular mid-century furniture trend. Curvy couches, chairs, and headboards can balance out a more structured space. Try a plush sofa with exaggerated curves and bold colors to liven up any room. Top off the space with some brightly colored geometric abstract art, and you’ve got yourself the perfect scene for a funky soiree. Friends and family will love the quirky look!

curvy grey sofa in living room

2. Sliding Barn Doors

A sliding barn door is one of the best ways to make a unique statement in 2019. Sliding barn doors are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. Add one to a kitchen pantry area, a bedroom closet, a dining room, or living area. Close the door when you want to conceal a room or create more privacy, then open the door to create a bigger, more seamless space. Sliding barn doors are easy to install and easy to switch out when you’re ready for a change. It’s one of the quickest ways to transform a space without delving into a big remodel project.

cozy living room interior

3. Dramatic Violets

While you may not consider color to be a must-have home item, we absolutely do when it carries as much weight as the rich violet tones that are flourishing in 2019. This fun color comes in a variety of shades and can be incorporated in all kinds of ways. If you’re feeling bold, go all out with a royal plum sofa or by painting violet walls. If you’re wanting something more subtle, try mauve accents with pillows or throw blankets. Or simply add a gorgeous vase of lilacs in the corner. Purple has officially become the color of 2019—in fact, designers are reaching beyond purple to encompass all kinds of deeply extravagant “jewel tones.”

violet couch home interior sample

4. Natural Aesthetics

If the regality of deep violet furniture and plum walls doesn’t exactly suit your fancy, there’s a home decor alternative that’s equally as esteemed: natural aesthetics. It’s all very Anthropologie, and designers are more in love than ever with the earth and wood vibe of these natural aesthetics. Incorporate the trend with handmade clay pots from Etsy. Or take on a renovation project by creating an exposed brick wall in the kitchen or bedroom. Bare wood beams are another way to add natural aesthetics to a home, or by installing an aforementioned reclaimed sliding barn door.

Wood furniture can also bring an earthy, rustic vibe to a sterile space that’s in need of some warmth. If you’re in the market to add some authentic wooden furniture to your home, take a look at our selection of Rustic Wood Furniture

accent metal wall

Wabi-Sabi Home Accessories

The availability of authentic, organic, homemade items through Etsy brought with it a new love for the Wabi-Sabi—Japanese term designers use to refer to the imperfect beauty of handmade or hand-painted items. These fun home decor items are one of our favorite design trends of 2019 because you can order your favorite pieces from independent artists, or you can make them yourself! Embrace the canvas, take a pottery class, or knit a blanket to add some Wabi-Sabi appeal to your place. The beauty of this style is that you can find great joy in the creation of the piece, and you’ll remember the time and energy it took to create it every time you see it on display. It’s also a much more affordable way to bring arts and crafts into any home!

handmade cups and tea pot on a black coffee table.

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These gorgeous and unique home design trends of 2019 are sure to serve up some beautifully bold interiors. What better way to tie it all together than with a stunning accent wall or a handcrafted sliding barn door? Visit our online store for more decorative home accessories and check out our Artisan Hardware Blog for more home decor essentials and tips from the experts.