5 Creative Ways to Use Barn Doors

5 Creative Ways to Use Barn Doors

If you take a look around you - on TV, in the boutique across the street, on Pinterest…barn doors are sliding into homes at a faster rate than ever. A unique way to decorate your home, whether you want a modern or shabby chic style, can easily be achieved with a barn door.  Although you may think a  barn door is an investment and a large addition to your home, they effortlessly make a statement while also setting your home apart from the run of the mill interior design trends. You will want your barn door to be best suited to your desires. A barn door does not necessarily need to just be used as a door, there are actually many creative ways to utilize it!

Here are five creative ways to use your barn door:

    1. Repurposed Barn Door Dining Table


For a unique and fun dining experience, try repurposing your barn door by laying it flat and making it a table! It is arguably cheaper than a dining table and super cute! If you want to get really creative, maybe hang it from above in your dining room or use it as an outdoor table for the ultimate rustic look. Otherwise, making your own table stand (maybe out of some reclaimed balusters) and drilling that to your barn door could make for a perfect, grounded table.

 2. Room Divider


We all need our privacy and a sliding barn door could be just what you need in order to make a shared space a private one. Maybe your kids share a room and a fun way to give them their own space could be to use two sliding barn doors as a divider, giving the option to open or close a room.

3. Porch Swing


A fun DIY project for this year could be to utilize your barn doors into a rustic porch swing. Some people use rope or chains to hang their porch swing. If you aren't into hanging out, maybe try repurposing into a barn door bench. The large door will make for a spacious spot to sit and enjoy company while also impressing your friends with an unconventional use of a door!

     4. Barn Door Headboard 


This is a popular DIY project on Pinterest. A super cute way to innovate your bedroom is to turn your barn doors into a shabby chic headboard for your bed! Use the traditional barn door hardware for installation and maybe even allow for the opening and closing of the barn doors in order to change up the dynamic in your room when necessary.

         5. Window Covers 


Why use boring old shutters or blinds when you could use something as creative as a door? Using your barn doors and barn door hardware as a supplement to shutters will liven up any room in your home. They are easy to shut and effective when it comes to providing shading from the sun. Installation could be done on your own or by a professional, it just depends on your expertise!

As you can see, a barn door can be so much more than a barn door. Whether it is used a table, headboard, or at it's most basic use- a door, barn doors have the capability to give your home personality and singularity that your neighbors will envy!