5 Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas That Will Save You Major Space

5 Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas That Will Save You Major Space

Do you struggle with the decades-old challenge of maintaining a tidy, organized bedroom closet? If you, like many others, find yourself constantly battling a bulging, cluttered closet, it’s probably time to make a change. With these creative, useful closet storage ideas, you can improve the organization in your bedroom closet and transform it into a tidy and functional space.

1. Crown Molding Turned Shoe Rack

What is your shoe storage situation? Do you have a hanging shoe shelf or pocket hanger that’s taking up valuable clothing space? Do you haphazardly toss your shoes into a basket that clutters the closet floor? As one of the pitfalls of closet chaos, shoes can be a difficult item to store in a manner that’s both useful and effective.

One of the best closet storage idea hacks, crown molding, makes an insanely smart shoe rack. By simply affixing several tiers of crown molding on the back or side wall in your closet, you can easily store and display heels and boots in a manner that doesn’t take up space or facilitate clutter. Furthermore, crown molding blends seamlessly with the walls which makes it both stylish and unobtrusive.


Source: https://www.homestoriesatoz.com/inspiration/inspiration-file-crown-molding-as-shoe-rack.html

2. Store Smart

As obvious as it may seem, the manner in which you store the items in your closet is a key factor in maintaining tidiness and order. Make sure there’s a method to your madness by breaking down your closet into three tiered sections:

  • Lesser used items should be stored in the lower third
  • Commonly used items should be stored at eye level
  • Least-used items should be stored up high

With this closet storage idea, not only will you be able to quickly and easily access items in your closet, but it will also be easier to keep your things tidy and organized.


Source: Emily May (https://www.flickr.com/photos/emilysnuffer/13729179934)

3. Don’t Ignore The Door

Your closet door is a goldmine when it comes to additional bedroom storage. From belts and bags to shoes and scarves, the closet door can be used for storing just about anything. Consider hanging several durable hooks to hold purses, or a multi-pronged hook to store belts and scarves. You can also use the back of the door as a place to hang your laundry bag.  Not only does this help maintain order in your bedroom storage closet, it also makes picking out and accessing these items much more efficient.


Source: https://www.varagesale.com/i/2jpezqc7-the-container-store-elfa-pantry-closet-door-organizer-with-wall-rack-like-new-poms

4. Change Out Your Door

Keeping focus on the closet door, consider completely changing the style if your current closet door doesn’t cut it. Instead of dealing with a space-stealing hinged door or persistently frustrating sliding tracked door, do something entirely different to aid in organization and to give your bedroom an added style boost.

sliding barn door is a wonderful alternative to a traditional closet door, because it opens up valuable wall space. You won’t ever have to worry about leaving space for a door to swing open! Consider customizing your own unique sliding barn door to maximize the space, functionality, and style of your bedroom. Check out the handcrafted, authentic sliding barn doors at Artisan Hardware for inspiration.

5. Choose Multi-Purpose Storage Pieces

Get creative and innovative with the storage pieces you incorporate into your closet. For example, instead of using a bulky, space-consuming rack to hold shoes or stacking storage boxes mindlessly on the floor, implement a tall, narrow bookshelf that can hold shoes, pants, or sweaters on the shelves while also acting as an accessory platform or vanity.

When shopping for or brainstorming closet storage ideas, think outside the box and discover how you can make the most of what you have. Explore different types of storage elements that can be creatively incorporated to make your closet space more organized, spacious, and functional.

With the help of these closet storage ideas, you can finally achieve the showcase closet you’ve always dreamed about. Say goodbye to that aggravating clutter and hello to organization!