Picking an interior design style for your home

Picking an interior design style for your home

Are you a fan of traditional-style interior design? Or do you lean toward a more modern design style? Or maybe you have no idea where you land? If so, our guide to choosing home interior design styles can help. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most popular design styles so you can identify which style is right for your home. 

Check out the list below to find the interior design style that best suits your personality. Once you’ve identified the style that’s right for you, it will be much easier to start decorating your space. And if you find yourself drawn to multiple styles, don’t be afraid to mix them up for a style that is uniquely your own!

Modern Farmhouse

farm style living room

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The modern farmhouse style is certainly having a moment right now. Everywhere you look, homes are incorporating farmhouse sinks, shiplap walls, distressed furniture, and other items that tap into the nostalgia of days gone by. The modern farmhouse style is just as it sounds: an interior design style that borrows farm-inspired pieces, but with a modern twist.

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If you are drawn to decor that involves Mason jars, burlap details, and sliding barn doors, this style is definitely for you. Start by drawing inspiration from designers who specialize in this style, then start shopping for warm wood tones, comfortable oversized couches, farmhouse bench seating, and the like.

Shabby Chic

shabby chick interior idea

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Shabby chic has some overlap with modern farmhouse style, but with a more feminine touch. Shabby chic interiors use soft pastels like light pink, blue, and cream. Details often include ruffles, lace, and ribbons. Like farmhouse style, furniture is often distressed, whether the piece is a true antique or just made to look vintage. Most shabby chic interiors incorporate a mix of patterns like gingham, floral, and stripes, for a casual, inviting look.

Try This Style If . . . 

When light colors and a lived-in look is what you love, shabby chic style may be right for you. Try this style if you like using furniture creatively (Think: using a dresser to display an herb garden, or a chair to stack books on.) and if you love feminine details.


rustic living room example with American flag

Rustic is a broad term that can incorporate many design styles, including a modern farmhouse, shabby chic, or industrial. Anything that is naturally roughed-up, old, or casual can be considered rustic, whether it’s a beach house or a Tuscan villa. The rustic style might incorporate pieces inspired by nature, like taxidermy or driftwood. Much of rustic furniture is handmade—or at least meant to look that way.

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If you love woodworking or find yourself buying neutral tones, rustic style may be perfect for your vibe. Much of rustic style can be gathered from nature or made by hand, so this is a great option if you’re decorating on a budget.


modern style living room

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Compared to the rustic style, modern style is a complete turn in the other direction. Whereas rustic furniture is casual and natural, modern furniture is sleek and often made of shiny metal or plastic. Most modern pieces are very functional with strong lines and often have bold geometric features. Mid-century modern design is especially popular today, though the style originated in the 1950s and 60s. To get this look, shop for furniture inspired by famous designers like Charles and Ray Eames or George Nelson.

Try This Style If . . .

Do you love Mid-century furniture or pared-down interiors? Give the modern style a shot. You might just love the simple, functional aesthetic. Just make sure you don’t overdo any aspect of your decorating if you really want to achieve the modern look.

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