13 Ways To Decorate Your Home

13 Ways To Decorate Your Home

If you’re moving into a new home or you’re just looking to update your current décor, Artisan Hardware has some to decorate your home. These brilliant design ideas range from toning up your walls, to amazing space dividers like sliding barn doors. Take a look and restyle your home today!

13 Ways To Decorate Your Home


Corner Photo Collage –

Heart DIY Corner Photo Collage

Take all your favorite instagram photos


Upgrade Your Storage –

Upgrade Storage paint

The cheap boxes you store all your random objects can always use a makeover. You can buy these boxes at any craft store and follow the tutorial here.


Color Code Your Stuff –

shelf with color code

A simple trick to not be overwhelmed is by sorting your things by color-coding. It gives them a tidier look and will be easy to find things.


Embroidery Hoop Wall Art –

Embroidery craft circles

Take your extra scrap fabric and decals and place them in various sized hoops. Add decals to add flavor to the collection!


Framed Map –

Framed Map for wall

Show where you’re home city is by cutting it out from a map and display it in a clear frame!


Personalize Your Utensils –

Personalized Utensils

If your kitchen isn’t your dream kitchen, start by dipping your wooden utensil handles in paint! It’ll add much needed personality to your space.


Open Up Space with a Sliding Barn Door –

sliding barn doors save space

Give yourself extra room or even extra privacy with a sliding barn door. Customize it to your specifications and desire.


Wooden Arrow Wall Art –

Wooden arrows decorations

Filling spaces can make the room more open and give it a much needed addition.


Add a Door Pull for Towels –

Door Pull Hand towel holder

Door pulls can go more than just on the wall. Try adding them to your kitchen or bathroom to hang your hand towels on.


Use Accessories in Place of Art –

hats hanging

With just a few thumbtacks, you can completely change the look of your wall. If you use hats, it can also help empty your closet!


Add Washi Tape Instead of Painting –

washi tape ideas

If you’re renting your home, try washi tape. This is basically oversized masking tape that is used specifically for interior.


Make space come to life with plants –

Plants in pots

Adding plants in the room can make the space brighter.

For more tips and tricks to update your home or about taking care of your sliding barn door hardware, click here!