Want to Make Your House Look Bigger? Check Out These 12 Small Improvement Ideas

Want to Make Your House Look Bigger? Check Out These 12 Small Improvement Ideas

A small space can present a challenge for even the savviest home decorator. If you’re struggling to figure out ways to make a small house look bigger, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered tips on how to decorate a room with simple things. Read on to learn about decorating a small house to make it look bigger.

1. Create Hidden Storage Spaces

Lack of storage is one of the biggest pain points for those living in a smaller space. Minimize the issue by creating multi-purpose, hidden storage spaces. Invest in a coffee table with a removable top. Store toys in decorative baskets, and add shelves to the top of closets. You can make a DIY storage space with a sliding barn door.

hidden storage area in your house to save up the space

2. Add a Barn Door

A barn door will make a major design statement and also make a tiny room feel bigger. The interesting texture and pop of color will create interest and draw away from the fact that the room has a small footprint. It will also take away the need to fill the space with lots of other furniture.

 barn door for a bigger looking space

3. Paint the Room a Dark Shade

It may seem counterintuitive, but choosing a deep, dark shade for a small room can create a depth that makes the room feel larger than it really is. Try painting a bedroom a dramatic hunter green, or choose charcoal gray for a moody office space.

dark shading room with a barn door

4. Paint the Room a Bright, Light Shade

Likewise, bright and light colors are a good way to make space feel more open and airy. If a room is stuck at a one-note, medium shade, enhance the feel of the room by painting the space a shade of crisp white, pastel, or light gray.

light shade room with plants

5. Hang Curtains from Floor to Ceiling

Curtains are a great way to elongate a space and draw the eye upward. But they’ll need to be the right length to get the proper effect. Hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible, then make sure they gently skim the floor.

 6. Minimize Clutter

Clutter doesn’t look good in any house, but a small house only makes it seem that much worse. Save money and reduce stress by simply buying less stuff, or getting rid of what you don’t need or love. 

minimal house interior with green items

7. Keep Decorative Items to a Minimum

Decorative items can also start to feel like clutter if you go overboard. Keep your knick-knacks to a minimum if you live in a small space. Stick with one or two large items rather than a slew of small decorations.

8. Hang Large Pieces of Art

Gallery walls take time to curate if you want a truly cohesive look, and they can feel like too much in a small space. Instead, choose one oversized piece to fill the wall of a small room. Large pieces of art will make a big statement with minimal effort. 

big art hanging in the living room

9. Create Depth with Lighting

Every room can benefit from a well-layered lighting scheme, whether big or small. Don’t rely on one overhead light to set the tone and light up the whole room. Create a cozy effect by adding up to five sources of light in one room, including task lamps, side table lamps, and console lamps.

10. Choose Furniture with Exposed Legs

Every bit of space counts when you’re decorating a small space. Make sure you maximize the power of free space by choosing furniture with exposed legs. This type of furniture gives the eye a little more breathing room and creates the illusion of spaciousness in even the smallest room.

colorful dark green living room

11. Create Sections with Rugs

It can be hard to create a sense of order in a small space, but rugs can help you get the job done. Define dining areas, living areas, and bedrooms by adding a large area rug.

carpet in the small house area

12. Paint the Ceiling

Ceilings are often an overlooked area of the home, but they have a big impact on how a room looks. Draw the eye upward and add interest to the room by painting the ceiling or adding unique wallpaper.

Implementing These Tips

These 12 tips are all small home improvements that make a big difference. After reading this list, you’ll be more than prepared to enhance your small space. You’ll love your home even more once you maximize your square footage, add more storage space, and create layers of visual interest. Happy decorating!