10 Unique Shabby Chic Ideas For Your Bedroom

10 Unique Shabby Chic Ideas For Your Bedroom

Shabby chic is a style of interior design that uses pleasantly old and slightly worn furnishings for a vintage look. If you couldn't already tell from the countless Pinterest boards dedicated to shabby chic with vintage themed furnishings and pastel colors, shabby chic is everywhere. The style has become so popular that many consider it to be overdone- I beg to differ! I think there are different ways to get this style by thinking outside the box and getting creative. Why not take something that is great and make it even better? Continue reading in order to discover some fun and unique ways to decorate your shabby chic bedroom- but in a way that is original and completely representative of who you are!

1. Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

vintage shabby chic nightstand


I love how resourceful this idea is. The vintage suitcase nightstand is super cute, easy, and affordable! All you have to do is buy some old suitcases from your local thrift shop and stack them on top of each other. You can use this as a means for storage as well since you can keep belongings within the suitcases.


2. Distress Furniture Using Vinegar

distressed furniture with vinegar

This is an easy DIY project in order to give your furniture a distressed and vintage look. Modern furniture simply will not do the trick. Instead of buying new "vintage" furniture to decorate your room, try accomplishing the vintage look yourself by simply utilizing vinegar!


3. The Shabby Chic Color Scheme

shabby chic


A large part of the shabby chic design is the colors you decide to incorporate. Baby blues, soft petal pinks, and off-white tones are the key to the shabby color scheme. These colors have a faded and antique look that soften everything in your room while also allowing for elaborate patterns and textures. Play around with all three colors, whether it be a white bedspread or a baby blue wall, you have a lot of freedom with your theme!


4. Ruffles



Ruffles are cute and classy. Simple as that. The elegance and texture of ruffles are great ways to add a dreamy and billowy vibe to your room. Try ruffled curtains or a ruffled bedspread in light pinks or lavender. You will never want to leave your bedroom with this level of comfort!

5. Mason Jars

shabby chic mason jars

Mason Jars are the epitome of shabby chic. They automatically scream vintage. By utilizing them in creative ways, they can be used as fun accents all around your bedroom... not just as cups for your rustic kitchen. Try adding flowers to the jar for a makeshift vase. Painting them in accordance with your color scheme can make a fun and easy DIY project. Check out this tutorial to get crafty with mason jars.


6. Lace

shabby chic lace


I think lace is best suited to shabby chic decor when it is used as lamp shade covers. Start collecting different shades of lace and drape them over your lamp. It will give your room fun lighting effect that can reflect your mood. Draping purple or pink lace over your lamp will look cute while also dimming your room to a purple or pink tone for a nice romantic vibe.


7. Sliding Barn Door

sliding barn door

This is an awesome way to completely change the dynamic of your shabby chic room. Barn doors are inherently rustic and chic. They are also a great way to save space in your room since the door slides rather than opens. Update your door or closet door today with a sliding barn door.


8. Intricate Headboard

headboard bedframe


A distressed metal headboard is essential for a shabby chic bedroom. I think white headboards work best since they allow for a lot of interpretation throughout the rest of your room. Weathered wood is also a good alternative! Also, don't worry about matching your headboard with your dresser or nightstand- instead try to find antique pieces that compliment each other. This contributes to the shabby part of shabby chic and will make your room more interesting.


9. Ladder

artisan hardware ladder

If you are a book lover and perhaps dedicate a wall to your books, I would suggest a sliding ladder. This is a super unique and whimsical way to travel about your room. I guarantee you have never seen a ladder in someone's bedroom before and this will make your room stand out compared to the dull run-of-the-mill bedroom.

10. Whimsical Seating

shabby chic seating

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An element of shabby chic that I think is is very underutilized is whimsical seating. Whether it be a chair or a small couch, have fun with your options! Shabby chic loves vintage but the chic part is what sets it apart from just vintage influences. A bathtub couch inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's or maybe vibrantly colored seating is an option you could choose from.

Shabby chic is timeless even if it is overdone. Luckily, this ageless style comes with a few updates. For more information on different styles of design and Artisan Hardware, visit our website and Pinterest!