10 Features You’ll Find in an Industrial Home

10 Features You’ll Find in an Industrial Home

Industrial homes are one of the hottest design styles on the market today. Streamlined looks, versatile design elements, and old-turned-new timelessness makes industrial home design a very much sought-after vibe when it comes to home decor.

Fortunately, if living in an industrial home is something that appeals to your design desires, you don’t have to pack up and move to an old warehouse, barn, or retired industrial building to achieve this vision. By incorporating a few creative, industrial elements, you can easily transform your house into the industrial home of your dreams. Check out these 10 features commonly found in stylish industrial homes that you can incorporate into your own design.

1. Metal elements

Things like metal wall panels, mixed metal lighting components, metal window frames, and aluminum seating and dining elements are all creative, functional ways you can incorporate metal elements into your industrial home design.

2. Exposed brick

Nothing says industrial quite like raw, exposed brick. Fireplaces stripped down to their original brick foundation, kitchen islands with a brick base, and kitchen or bathroom backsplashes are just a few areas of your home where brick can inspire an industrial feel.

3. Raw wood

Raw wood, or wood that hasn’t been sanded, stained, and finished to mere perfection, can give your home that old-turned-new timelessness that exudes industrial style. Sliding barn doors, wooden cabinets, tables with unique, eye-catching grains, and exposed beams all bring industrial inspiration to your home.  

4. Rich leather

When incorporated with the aforementioned industrial elements, rich leather can make a powerful statement in your home. An oversized, dark chocolate-colored leather couch, leather-lined dining room chairs, an elegant leather headboard, or leather-laden pillows can truly make your industrial home pop.


Image Source: https://trendland.com/brooklyn-loft-home/

5. Unique doors

By incorporating non-traditional doors, you can achieve that next-level industrial style that you long for. Heavy, oversized metal or wooden front doors are a fabulous way to make an initial industrial impact for both your family and your guests. However, perhaps one of the most common and popular features of industrial homes are industrial panel barn doors. These sliding barn doors are the perfect blend of modern and industrial style for any home.

6. Exposed shelving

Industrial style shelves are a great element to incorporate in any kitchen. Look for multi-tiered metal and wooden door-less shelving units to store plates, bowls, cups, pitchers, etc.

industrial room with clock and shelves


Image Source: http://www.thewowdecor.com/25-best-industrial-living-room-designs/

7. Concrete

From concrete flooring to a stained concrete wall to a concrete waterfall kitchen counter, this element is essential in any and all industrial spaces. Get creative when featuring concrete in your space.

8. Mechanical elements

Old gear shifts, oversized industrial ceiling lights, and giant nuts and bolts are all innovative and effective ways to incorporate hardware into your industrial home.

modern industrial living room with clocks and gears

Image Source: https://evafurniture.com/monochromatic-living-room-colors-in-white/modern-industrial-living-room-with-monochromatic-color-scheme-and-coffee-table-on-wheels/

9. Piping and wire

Utilizing old copper or steel piping or heavy-duty wire to hang shelving units, lighting elements, and artwork is a great way to bring unique, timeless industrial materials into your home.

10. Reclaimed pieces

Almost all industrial homes feature various pieces of reclaimed furniture or other design elements. For example, consider transforming an old metal storage shelf into a dresser or television stand; find a vintage wood and metal cart to sub as a coffee table. Again, featuring these sorts of elements into your home will help create that old-turned-new style that brings so many industrial homes to life.

industrial panel door


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