10 Accent Wall Ideas to Refresh Your Home

10 Accent Wall Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Chances are you have a Pinterest board brimming with gorgeous interiors to give you inspiration when it comes to wall decor for your home. But if you’re like many people, you’re not sure how to translate those accent wall decor ideas into reality.

beautiful kitchen with countertops, cabinets, and brick accent walls

An interior design like you see online or in magazines can take a great deal of time, energy, research, and money to pull off, but there are a few easy hacks to bring the same level of design to life in your home.

Enhancing Your Space with a DIY Accent Wall

One of the quickest ways to create a dynamic, eye-catching space is with inexpensive accent wall ideas. This type of decor is a rather simple way to draw the eye to one element and enhance the entire space, even though you’re only giving a makeover to one wall in the room.

There are countless ways to execute interior design accent wall ideas. In fact, check out these ten fabulous and cheap accent wall ideas and tips on how to decorate a DIY accent wall below.

1. Wallpaper 

Though many people think of wallpaper as an outdated decor trend, wallpaper has come back in a big way. Modern wallpaper comes in all types of styles, from geometric and floral to minimalist prints. And though wallpapering a whole room can be expensive, adding wallpaper to one accent wall packs a powerful punch for less time and money. Many online companies even sell removable wallpaper, so you can get the accent wall look even in a rental space. If you’re on a budget, you can even find low-priced options at your local home improvement store.

2. Painted wall

(see Herringbone Barn Door)

Perhaps the simplest way to get an accent wall is to throw up a fresh coat of paint. This is the quickest way to update or transform a tired-looking room. We love the look of a boldly painted feature wall since it’s less overwhelming than painting the entire room. Some of today’s most popular wall colors include deep navy, charcoal, and hunter green. If you’re looking for something more subtle, try a blush pink or light gray.

3. Library shelving

white library shelves

(see Rustic Library sliding Ladder)

With the help of stores like IKEA, today you can create the prestigious look of a home library for a relatively inexpensive price. Library shelves can be done with custom built-ins, or even by purchasing multiple bookshelves of the same style and harnessing them to the same wall. They’re a great way to add storage and interest to an otherwise blank wall.

Worried about how you’ll fill the shelves? Find meaningful objects from around the house and create a curated collection of your favorites to display on the shelves. You can also create a cohesive look by turning all of your books backward to show off the white pages, or arrange your books by color coordination.

4. Hang a statement piece

An accent wall doesn’t necessarily require you to cover the whole wall. You can also hang a large statement piece to center the room, such as a traditional painting or woven wall hanging. A hanging statement piece will draw the eye to the wall and can make the same impact as a painted or wallpapered wall. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly idea, try a non-traditional art piece like a DIY installation art project or beautiful chandelier hanging above the bed.

5. Gallery wall

(see white 3-panel Barn Door)

Some say gallery walls are on their way out, but we’ll never tire of a beautiful wall of art pieces. Gallery walls are a great way to personalize any space and show off art that you cherish. Add a mix of family photographs, vintage art, or prints you’ve collected over time. 

To make a gallery wall look professional, be sure to create balance and cohesion between all pieces. Make a gallery wall more affordable by creating your own frames or using washi tape to frame each piece.

6. Wood Wall Panels

Artisan hardware wood wall

(See Fallow Tan Wood Wall Panels)

We love wood wall panels for the warmth and texture they add to any home. Wood wall panels are a nice departure from the increasingly popular shiplap style. But if you already have a white shiplap wall, there’s no need to completely re-do the space. You can take the shiplap up a notch by adding art over the shiplap or by painting the wood a unique color, like a deep blue or charcoal gray.

7. Crown molding

The key to getting the look of the gorgeous Parisian apartments we see all over the internet is through crown molding. There are countless options for crown molding, some more ornate than others. Take time to decide the vibe you’re going for in your space, whether you want regal or traditional. No matter what crown molding you choose, the upgrade is sure to give a custom look even to the most monotonous tract home.

8. Chalkboard wall

a little boy drawing on the chalkboard wall

Both playful, nostalgic, and practical, a chalkboard wall is a fun and creative way to create interest in your space. We love chalkboard walls in the home office, kitchen, or kid’s bedroom. You can go the more expensive route by purchasing a giant framed chalkboard and mounting it on the wall or create an inexpensive accent wall by choosing chalkboard paint. Try painting in dark green or traditional black paint.

9. Tile

elegant white tub inbathroom with tile floor and walls.

Mainly reserved for kitchen spaces, tile can go a long way to create textural layering in your room. Tiles come in all sorts of shapes and design, so don’t stop your search with typical square tiles. Penny tiles and hand-painted tiles are other great options for bringing character to space. We also love the look of classic subway tile from floor to ceiling. You can try this look in a laundry room or anywhere you’re looking to add a unique and unexpected touch.

10. Temporary decals

If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent change, try smoothing on a temporary decal to one wall of the home. This will give you a much-needed change without spending more than $30-100. Decals come in floral designs, typographic styles, or repetitive shapes that can resemble wallpaper. When you tire of the design, you can simply take it down and start fresh!

Find More Accent Wall Inspiration

Any of these ideas is sure to enhance your room and give you the home refresh you’re looking for without blowing your budget. 

For more ideas on beautiful accent walls, get inspiration from Artisan Hardware. We have wood and metal accent walls that can completely transform your space with minimal effort. Check out all of our options today!