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How to Clean Your Barn Door
Friday January 17th, 2020
We know you love your barn door and want to take care of it. Cleaning your barn door properly is the first step to keeping your barn door looking brand-new. Depending on the materials your barn door i ...
3 Ways to Use a Barn Door
Friday January 10th, 2020
Barn doors are extremely versatile. There are so many places that a barn door can be used instead of a traditional hinged door. Barn doors come attached with their own benefits. They add texture and c ...
Wednesday January 8th, 2020
You might hear the term “header” thrown around while you’re shopping for a barn door. This foreign word might seem like something you can just skip over, but we assure you, it’s pretty important.Depen ...
3 Ways to Use an Interior Ladder
Friday January 3rd, 2020
Interior ladders have become a popular trend over the past few years. There are so many creative ways to incorporate a ladder into your home. They add character and texture to a room without being ove ...
Since barn doors slide rather than swing, they are a great way to save space. They are such a fun way to update a room by adding a little more texture and personality to it. You can switch out any hin ...
Last Minute Christmas Decorations
Wednesday December 18th, 2019
Christmas is just around the corner. A week away to be exact. It seems like this holiday came out of nowhere! With all the hustle and bustle of everyday duties and obligations, the seasonal cheer can ...
Best Barn Door Trends
Friday December 13th, 2019
Barn doors are a fun addition to any room. Whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, these doors can completely change a space. We love seeing what customers do with our doors. There have been a ...
Barn Door FAQ
Wednesday December 11th, 2019
Barn doors have been continually growing in popularity! It’s easy to see why! They are space savers, stylish, and they add a little more personality to your home. Before purchasing a barn door, custom ...
How to Measure a Door
Tuesday October 22nd, 2019
Whether you’re looking for a new style, better features, or replacing a damaged door, a new door comes with many benefits. To minimize the work involved and to stay in budget, you need to know how to ...
Design Features of a Craftsman Style Home
Tuesday October 22nd, 2019
Craftsman style homes are crafted and  designed homes that focus on the beauty and dignity of handcrafted  products. They are known for their originality, simplicity, local and  natural ...
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