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6 Benefits of Barn Door Room Dividers

Tuesday April 7th, 2020
Room dividers provide an excellent way to create privacy between two rooms or in an open floor space. One of the most stylish materials to use as a room divider is a sliding barn door. Utilizing a barn door room divider in your home has exceptional benefits that include both stylish and practical uses.

6 Benefits of Barn Door Room Dividers

  • Unique and Stylish Look
  • Great Addition to a Multipurpose Room
  • Budget Friendly
  • Space-saving and Versatile Alternative to a Door or Wall
  • Convenient for Children, Pets, and Guests
  • Very Easy to Install
You can utilize a barn door room divider in a variety of instances, and it can be an affordable project that also provides straightforward installation. Room dividers have been viewed as temporary, flimsy, and even tacky. However, a contemporary room divider like a barn door looks much better than the options from the past and can also be a useful addition to the style and function of your home.

Unique and Stylish Look

One of the main reasons that sliding barn doors have become such a popular interior design elements is that they fit into smaller spaces, while also being functional.

Sliding barn doors can be customized to fit your style and are easy to install. They can be left open to provide an open living space, but then simply closed when you need to separate areas.  Room dividers of yesteryear had to be stored or unattractively shunted to the side when not needed. A sliding barn door doesn’t pose these problems, and more and more homeowners are installing barn doors for the utility as well as cohesive interior design.

The interior design styles that you can use with your DIY barn door room divider are endless. Choosing a real barn door made of reclaimed wood will give your space a rustic look, but you can also find brand new interior barn doors that can provide a more modern style.

Interior sliding barn doors can be made in a variety of styles and colors and will complement the interior of your house. You can order a door to your style specifications, or you can paint it yourself. Some feature glass panels to allow light to flow. Some are made of solid wood, and others are crafted with metal or stainless steel. Your sliding barn door can be designed to match the interior décor and other elements in your space. There are many barn door ideas to choose from that can be unique to your home and your style.

Great Addition to a Multipurpose Room

Many houses contain rooms that serve multiple purposes, such as a living room and dining room combination. While you can’t always build a wall to create two rooms out of one, a sliding barn door living room divider can separate the two areas when you want. You can always open up your door to make it one living space again.

You might have a room that you use for games, homework, hanging out, watching TV, and other activities. When more than one person needs to use this room, a barn door room divider wall can separate the two activities.

The primary benefit of a barn door as a wall or room divider is to create more privacy. There are a variety of room divider ideas that you can consider for your own home.

Living room: A living room is often situated in an open space that is in clear view from other rooms. Interior sliding doors allow you to block off the other rooms when you want to keep sounds to a minimum. Living rooms often also do double duty as a guest bedroom. Sliding barn door dividers can section off the guest's sleeping area and be opened when the guest has left.

Master bedroom: You can utilize a custom barn door room divider to separate your master bedroom from the en suite bathroom, or from a reading nook you’ve set up in the corner.

Bathroom: You can use sliding room dividers to separate bathing and sink areas, allowing for those living in the home an extra measure of privacy if the bathroom has to be shared.

Kitchen: While some people enjoy having an open kitchen, you may want to install a rolling divider so that if you want to host a party, the kitchen or cooking area can be discreetly hidden from guests. A pantry is a small area that can benefit from the space-saving design of a barn door, too.

Dining room: Dining rooms in open spaces can be blocked off from other rooms so you can focus on eating meals without additional distractions. The room divider can then be opened to allow free movement around the living space.

Laundry room: This space is often very small or shares with other activities, such as a mudroom. A sliding barn door allows you to partition it off while using a minimum of space.

The ultimate multipurpose room is a studio apartment. Many open studios have entryways that make it easy to install a studio barn door room divider to create the appearance of a separate bedroom or dining room. Even a single small space can be turned into multiple rooms when needed.

Budget Friendly

Although a barn door is made of real wood, you can often find and fix up an old barn door or reclaimed barn wood. Besides the barn door, the only other thing you need is sliding barn door hardware. You can buy a sliding door hardware kit or create your own from a variety of parts if you are industrious.

Instead of spending a lot of money on multiple room partitions that won’t function as well as a sliding barn door, you can make your own DIY barn door room divider. Or, if you have a very specific design idea in mind, you can have your sliding barn door custom made, right down to the color, material, and decorative hardware.

Even those who don’t know how to install a barn door can follow straightforward instructions to have a design element that will last for years.

With a traditional door, you need to have a doorframe in which the door is hung and you must have a wall that will allow for a doorframe to be installed. With a sliding barn door, you won’t need to spend as much time or money on installation because it can be attached to wall studs or even the ceiling. This makes this DIY project much more affordable and easier to complete.

Space-Saving and Versatile Alternative to a Door or Wall

Building a wall costs a lot of money and may not provide the function you want at all times. A barn door divider allows you to create two spaces when needed and then slides stylishly out of the way when you need a larger living area.

Installing a barn door hanging room divider can also be a tremendous space-saving alternative to basic or even French doors. With any hinged door, you must ensure there is enough space for the door to swing open. That can further limit space, as well as furniture and decor options. Rolling door hardware can be fixed on the wall or even the ceiling, which takes up zero space, compared to a swinging door that is always hanging by the hinges and taking up living space.

Convenient for Children, Pets, and Guests

Some circumstances may necessitate closing off part of a room and a custom barn door room divider can help:

Children: Being able to close off the TV or a play area means sounds are dampened. This can be especially useful on Saturday mornings, or if your desk is located in the same room as the TV.

Pets: If you have a space in your home you don’t want your pet to enter, interior sliding barn doors look more stylish than a pet gate, and can be left open and out of the way when needed.

Guests: If you are having guests over and want to give them some measure of privacy while sleeping on the pullout couch, a rolling barn door is convenient. When hosting a party, you may want to close off the area where everyone has thrown their coats, or perhaps the kitchen from the dining space.

Very Easy to Install

Building a DIY room divider with barn doors or installing a premade sliding barn door room divider is straightforward and can be an exciting project. There are many levels of DIY. You can do everything from putting the door slab together, installing hardware and hanging it, to having the door delivered pre-hung and all you need to do is install the track and hang it. Think about the design ideas you want to implement into the final product based on the décor and style of your living space, and then consider how much time you have to spend. Follow these basic steps to find out how to make a barn door room divider:
  1. Measure your space: The most critical step is to measure the area where you are going to install your DIY barn door room divider. There’s nothing worse than not measuring correctly, only to find out that your six foot barn door room divider should have been eight feet instead.
  2. Find out what kind of sliding barn door hardware you need: Your sliding door hardware might be different depending on the current situation of your wall and ceiling. If you want to hide the hardware, you’ll need to select a different hardware kit than if you want the hangers and wheels to be visible.
  3. Make changes to the style of the barn door if needed: If you want to get creative, you can implement stylistic changes like sliding glass, metal, color, or even lighting. Even though the typical DIY barn door divider project utilizes a rustic solid wood style, you can implement glass room dividers into your barn door as well.
  4. Install the rolling door hardware: Based on the decisions you made about how you will hang your barn door divider, use your sliding door hardware kit to mount the hardware to the wall or ceiling. You will also need to install the hardware to the door itself if you didn’t choose to have it arrive pre-hung.
  5. Attach the sliding barn door room divider to the hardware: The final step is attaching your DIY barn door to the rolling door hardware and ensuring it rolls smoothly from one side to the other.

6 Benefits of Barn Door Room Dividers

The days of flimsy room partitions can stay in the past with the affordability and ease of installation that barn door room dividers provide. Not only can these room dividers give you the desired functionality, but they can also look more stylish than any of the alternatives. Whether you are looking to add a bit of rustic charm to your farmhouse or want to go a more contemporary route, a barn door divider can be the perfect alternative to doors, walls, open living spaces, and outdated room partitions.

A barn door room divider can be a fun project that anyone can accomplish with the right tools and effort. Your new barn door room divider project starts with finding the perfect barn door to use for your specific function. Take your measurements and start your search. Most of all, enjoy the process of applying a new functional and timeless addition to your home.
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