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Framed Mirrors on Barn Doors Add Style to Any Room

Thursday February 20th, 2020
Mirrors are one of the secret weapons of interior design. They can be used to quickly create a specific vibe in a room or visually expand a space. Combine mirrors with sliding barn doors to create a unique ambiance that will take your interior design to the next level. 

9 Ways to Use a Barn Door with Mirror in the Home

  • Modern Aesthetic
  • Grow Your Space 
  • Enhance the Dressing Process
  • Bring in a Rustic Element
  • Open a Space
  • Brighten a Room
  • Conceal Your Pantry
  • Create a Focal Point
  • Expand Your Half Bath

Sliding barn doors with mirrors may just be the design alternative you never knew you needed. They allow you to get all the benefits of mirrors in your space while also taking advantage of the benefits barn doors provide. The principle of using design elements in moderation applies to sliding barn doors. However, if used sparingly throughout your home, barn doors with mirrors can bring in a unique design element that adds aesthetic interest to your space. 

1. Modern Aesthetic

Like other door options, many different barn door designs are available. This means that you can easily find a design that works with the overall design of your space. Selecting a modern barn door with a mirror can give your room a modern aesthetic, turning a bland room into a beautiful space. A modern design works exceptionally well in the master bedroom or living room. 

2. Grow Your Space

Mirrors are often used in interior design as a way to trick the eye into believing there is more space. When wall space is limited, consider using mirrored sliding barn doors. Mirrors can be incorporated into many different barn door ideas, including framed mirrors or mirrors in place of glass in metal barn door styles. This can be helpful in small spaces, such as a living room, dining room, or even the pantry door in smaller kitchens. 

To really capitalize on the benefits of mirrors in a small space, you can also use mirrored barn doors to create a faux mirror wall. This can be done by using a sliding door track that allows the barn doors to bypass one another. It’s an excellent solution in the master bedroom or a gym where a mirror wall can enhance the overall style of the space. 

Are barn doors good for bathrooms? 

Barn doors look great in bathrooms, especially when space is limited. Using a traditional hinged door requires a significant amount of clearance to accommodate the swing of the door opening. A barn bathroom door with a full-body mirror can be especially helpful on an en suite in a master bedroom or any bedroom with an attached bath. 

3. Enhance the Dressing Process

One problem with bifold closet doors is that they are often narrow and do not accommodate a full-length mirror. This issue can be avoided by installing a barn style door with a full-length mirror on your closet. The barn door style takes up minimal space and allows you to fully access your wardrobe without any need to worry about door swing. With the closet door hardware that is available for barn doors, you can rest assured that there is a style that will complement your room’s interior design, whether you are going for a regal look with brass, a modern look with chrome, or a traditional rustic look with raw steel. 

The best part is that by using a mirrored barn door on your closet, you can easily get dressed, whether it is for an important business meeting with a client or a night on the town. You can quickly get a full-length view of your outfit with your closet door. 

4. Bring in a Rustic Element

If your home’s decor is already rustic, with shiplap gracing your walls, then a rustic barn door with a mirror may just be the additional design element to complete your design. Barn door designs can use any number of materials, including solid wood or reclaimed wood. Installing a rustic barn door with a mirror allows you to take advantage of the rustic look of reclaimed wood as well as the advantages that come with using a large mirror in the space. Selecting the right barn door hardware can help complete the rustic look of your space. Artisan Hardware has a variety of barn door hardware options from classic to vintage styles. 

5. Open a Space

When you have a smaller space, finding ways to make the space appear bigger is essential. This is often achieved using visual tricks, such as glass doors to separate rooms rather than walls. To avoid any issues with door swing, sliding door systems that use barn doors with glass panels are often a solution. 

However, if you need a bit more privacy than glass panels allow, an alternative is to use a barn door with a mirror center door. Instead of using glass, mirrors are used, reflecting the space. This can be especially helpful in the living room where you entertain guests. The reflection makes it look as though there is both a greater number of guests as well as a larger space. 

6. Brighten a Room 

A modern mirror barn door can be used in the home to brighten the room it is in while adding a touch of style. This interior barn door with a mirror helps brighten the room by reflecting the light in the space. A brighter room can make you feel happier. Ideally, the room will have some amount of natural light that will reflect off the mirror, making the room look brighter than it actually is. This will help create an airy ambiance in the space. 

If natural light is not available or is limited, the room can still be made to look brighter by reflecting artificial light as well. This can be especially helpful in dark, dingy bedrooms or even in livin
g rooms that are lacking in natural light. 

7. Conceal Your Pantry

Sliding barn doors are renowned for removing the concern of door swing, which is extremely important in small space. This is what makes barn doors such a great alternative for the pantry in small kitchens. Barn doors are easy to open, and they don’t need to take up any more space than necessary. By choosing a sliding barn door with a mirror, the space in a small kitchen can be maximized by reflecting the kitchen, making it appear large and spacious. 

8. Create a Focal Point

Interior barn doors can be used to create a focal point in a room. When deciding which type of sliding barn door is right for your space, one of the best barn door trends is to use sliding mirror doors in the living room. While door mirrors reflect the space, how they are framed can easily turn it into the focal point of the room. Mirrored barn doors come in many different styles, with a framed center mirror being the most popular. Selecting a frame style that stands out from the rest of your interior design can make your barn door the focal point of your room, with barn door hardware adding extra visual interest to this focal point. 

With the number of barn door designs and barn door hardware available, you can easily find one to suit almost any style. You can use a barn door to enhance your existing style or completely transform the style in your space. This is true for any room in your home. Rather than having traditional folding doors hide your laundry room, opt for a sleek barn door with frosted glass. Take your master suite to the next level with a mirror wardrobe by using bypassing mirrored barn doors. A barn door closet with a mirror can also be used in other bedrooms to create a unique style in the space. 

9. Expand Your Half Bath

A half bath is one of the most cramped rooms in a home. Choosing a sliding barn door style for your half bath can tackle half the battle of the door swing. However, your space can still feel small. This can be addressed by using a barn door for your bathroom with a mirror. The mirror will reflect the space, making the bathroom feel larger. With a full-length mirror on your barn door, you may even be able to forego installing a vanity mirror. If your half bath is located in the hallway, a barn door with a mirror on one side is a good alternative, presenting a mirror on the inside and a solid wood finish on the outside of the door. 

Are barn doors private enough for a bathroom?

A barn door is just as private as any other standard door. A sliding barn door is cut to slightly overlap the door frame. This means there is adequate coverage over the door opening to provide the necessary privacy for a bathroom. Additionally, barn doors can also be locked just like any other door, meeting the privacy needs for a bathroom. 

Sliding Barn Door with Mirror

Barn doors with mirrors can be used in many different ways in the home. They can be used in bedrooms, Master en suites, closets and wardrobes, laundry rooms, pantries, living rooms, offices, and even bathrooms. You can enhance your interior design or create an entirely new aesthetic with the barn door design and the closet door rollers you choose. Go rustic with reclaimed wood and raw steel or modern with a metal mirror door with sleek black hardware. The numerous designs and hardware available mean you can create a barn door to suit any space or style. 

While there are many DIY tutorials online to create your own barn door with a mirror, custom barn doors can give your space a polished, sophisticated look that is often hard to achieve in DIY projects. When you select a custom barn door from a company like Artisan Hardware you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality and a door that is going to work in your space. Not only is the quality of the door important when deciding to install a barn door with mirrors, but the sliding door track and the closet door rollers are equally important as they contribute to the overall look and feel that your barn door will create in your space. 

When installing barn doors, consider the many benefits that mirrors have to offer. A barn door with a mirror is an excellent alternative to a traditional door and an effective way to enhance your living space.
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