Artisan Brace Barn Door

The Artisan Brace barn door takes the standard 2-Panel door and adds the timeless British brace design for an authentic barn door.

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The Artisan Brace barn door is a time tested design with an Artisan touch. The door is divided into two panels. Vertical T&G is strengthening the core and engineered alder rails and stiles strongly holds the door square.

The door itself is made with mortise and tenon joinery and crafted to the custom specifications ordered by each customer.

The bottom of the door is grooved out to accommodate the standard floor guide. The Artisan Brace barn door is complementary to any of our barn door hardware.

Artisan Hardware wants to make the doors you design for your space. We understand that each opening and installation is unique and we want to make the door and hardware exactly as you need. Customization is key for the best sliding door solution, and we inspired to offer it down to the inch. Doors average

1 1/2" thick

If you have any questions regarding customization of your door please contact us at [email protected] or 801.698.2641. Artisan Sliding Doors are most often found at the following locations:
  • Master Bedroom
  • Closet
  • Den
  • Dining Room

Hardware not included unless added to the order

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks production + 2-5 days transit UPS Freight

Expedited production available - Expedited production depends on the door style and would need to be arranged with our sales team at 801.698.2641. Expedited production will add to overall production costs.

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We recommend ordering a sliding barn door that measures to the edges of your trim. If your opening doesn't have trim, order the door 4-8" wider than the total opening and 1" taller, this will give you full privacy and total closing of the door.

Select the Door Build that best fits your project needs. Here is a brief description of each.

Barn Door Kit

This option is available in limited door styles. Our Artisans will cut all the wood for your door, and prep for easy assembly. All that is needed to complete the build is to follow our simple instructions included with the shipment. We will number each board for easy assembly, and then place the screws in our pre-drilled locations and tighten to complete the door. You can also view this simple install for a visual step by step walkthrough.

Fully Built

Artisans will build and assemble the barn door to your exact specifications. The door will then be shipped via Freight to the location of your choice. This step removes any requirement of further assembly by you, other than placing the hardware on the door, and installing the hardware on your wall.


This patented process was designed and created to make installation as QUICK and EASY as possible for you. The door is fully built to your specifications, the hardware hangers are installed on the door, and the track system is fully installed on a header board that matches the finish of your door. These products are then shipped via Freight to the location of your choice. Once you receive the package, you simply need to drill wood screws through the header into the studs in your wall, and place the door on the track. This option is for those weekend warriors or last minute additions to any project. It's also for those who prefer using their time on things other than home improvement.

All our doors come with the option of having it Painted, Stained, or in Raw/Unfinished.


With our painted option, you’ll have the choice between Artisan Hardware's most popular colors or sending us a custom color code so we can match the paint perfectly for your project. We can match all major paint companies color charts and options. Please send us the company name and color code. See example. Benjamin Moore 1012-34 or Sherwin Williams Pure White


Select from Artisan Hardware's line of high quality stains. The colors have been proven and tested over the years to best match all design decisions.


By selecting this option, your door will be delivered to you sanded and prepped, but without any stains or paint. This is a great option for those planning on staining or painting themselves.

Once you have selected your base finish, you can select additional door styling options to further give your custom door the look and style you seek.


Antiqued is the process of taking a painted door and sanding different areas of the door to give it added character and age. Once the door is sanded, a coat of stain is placed on the door and then wiped off, leaving the sanded areas with a unique stained/weathered look.


Weathered is a great option to give your door a naturally aged and rustic look. Artisan's will sand the edges and give the door a worn and aged effect.


Like the name suggests, a clear coat of lacquer is applied to the door. This is not only a great protectant to have over the stain on the door, but also adds a nice sleek, shine and high quality appearance.

Select the Barn Door Hardware style you want to purchase along with your custom barn door. If you choose not to order hardware with your door you can also select the option for no hardware to be included.

Choose from our variety of high end finishes to find the perfect fit for your job. The Raw Steel option has no finish. All standard colors are powder coated. Stainless is high quality stainless steel. And Chrome and other unique finishes are part of a high end finishing process to give you the best product possible.

Door Guides

We offer a wide selection of door guides to best fit the needs of your installation. The L-Shape Door guide is the standard guide included with each kit at no additional cost, with all other guides available for upgrade. Learn more below.



Stay Roller

Wall Mount

Wall Mount U-Roller

The standard track length should be twice the width of the door itself. If needed, note that tracks less than twice the width may prevent the door from opening fully, and tracks longer will allow the door to slide further past the opening.

Pre-drilled holes will have standard 16″ on center spacing. This is ideal for installing into a full headerboard or backing in the wall support. If you are attaching into studs, you will need to drill on-site to ensure your holes match up. Chrome and Stainless tracks must be pre-drilled and either be attached to a full headerboard or backing in the wall support, or provide custom drill measurements in the project notes.

Select the handle style and quantity for your project. The handle will be sent in the same finish color as the hardware.

Flush handles are intended for use on the inside of the barn door as the inset design allows the door to be fully opened. Pull handles on the inside of the door will bump into the door frame or wall when opened. Select the quantity and the finish color will match the rest of your hardware.

If your barn door requires privacy, select between our Tear Drop Lock and a Hook and Eye option

Tear Drop Lock

Hook and Eye Lock

Hook Eye

Tear Drop Lock