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Additional Barn Door Hangers


Additional Barn Door Hangers
Available in multiple finishes & lengths

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Additional Barn Door Hangers


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NOTICE: The current lead time for Copper, Brass, and Chrome is 2-4 weeks
NOTICE: Soft Close systems do not come with Anti-Jump Brackets.
NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Triple Bypass systems come with 6 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Triple Bypass systems come with 3 doors and 6 barn door hardware hangers by default.
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How to Install Barn Door Hangers

At Artisan Hardware, we understands that personal styles can change overtime, which is why we sell individual barn door hangers. Conveniently replace a broken barn door hanger or update the style of your barn door hardware. Customize the style and finish of your barn door hanger to suit your unique design preference. Each hanger includes the strap, wheel, and bolts to attach to door.

All hangers are sold individually (1 hanger) with the exception of Bypass Hangers which come in a set of 2.

How to Install Barn Door Hangers

Installing a new sliding barn door requires a few components, including a door track and barn door hangers. Barn door hangers and tracks allow the door to slide open and closed in front of the door opening. The barn door hangers, track, and door itself are straightforward to install with the proper instructions.

How to Install Barn Door Hangers

  1. Gather Supplies
  2. Grab a Helper
  3. Prepare the Door
  4. Measure for the Barn Door Hangers
  5. Drill Holes and Install the Hangers
  6. Hang the Door
  7. Test the Door
Barn door hardware kits include the track and the barn door hangers. Barn door hangers mount to the door and sit within the track to let the door slide. The track attaches to the wall or a header board to keep the whole assembly in place.
Barn door hangers are available from Artisan Hardware in several styles and finishes, including modern and antique barn door hangers in black, copper, and stainless steel. Your hanger can fit right into your home or office style with our many options. Easy-to-follow directions make installing a DIY barn door a relatively simple process.

How to Install Barn Door Hangers

Sliding barn doors require a barn door kit, complete with hangers and a track to install on the wall. Here's a glimpse at the process of installing barn door hangers as you prepare for your new barn door.

1. Gather Supplies

First, gather all the supplies you'll need to hang your door. Look through your barn door hardware kit to ensure that it includes everything you need to install the barn door hangers, including the hangers themselves, the track, and screws. Your hardware kit should also have instructions specific to your kit, so be sure to look them over before you begin.

You'll also want a drill, drill bits, a screwdriver or screwdriver drill bit, measuring tape, and a pencil with an eraser. A clamp could come in handy, too, for determining the right placement for your barn door hangers.

2. Grab a Helper

We advise grabbing someone to help you with most projects, and an assistant can definitely come in handy for this one. Use your helper as you assemble your door, measure for each door hanger, hang the door, and test out its operation.
Not only is it a good idea to have a second set of hands for large projects like this, but it's also beneficial to have a second set of eyes to ensure that everything looks and works properly when you finish.

3. Prepare the Door

Before installing sliding barn door hangers, you'll need to assemble the door if it isn't already. Fun fact: When you order from Artisan Hardware, we'll build your sliding door to save you the trouble and time of doing it yourself! However, you may still need to drill holes to accommodate your door hardware kit.

Next, you'll need to measure for your door and the track before installing the track system. Read our guide on how to measure a door to help you complete this step. With the track in place, you're ready to start installing the barn door hangers onto the door.

4. Measure for the Barn Door Hangers

Now, use your measuring tape, pencil, and helper to take measurements for the barn door hangers. Refer to your hanger kit's specific instructions for precise measurements and tips. Generally, you'll need to measure the doorway horizontally and vertically for proper placement.

Have your helper assist you in holding the hangers on the door as you measure, or use clamps to keep them in place. This can help you hold the door to the track to determine the proper placement.

5. Drill Holes and Install the Hangers

When you've marked off the spots on the door where you want your hangers to stay, you'll need to drill the holes to install the hangers. Determine the drill bit you'll need based on the size of the screws that came with your door hardware kit. The instructions will likely also list the best size drill bit to use.

Have your helper hold the barn door hangers in place while you drill the screws in, or vice versa. Tighten all screws until they're mostly, but not completely, tightened. Once they're all in, finish tightening them all with your drill or a screwdriver.

6. Hang the Door

You can now hang your barn door using the barn door hangers you installed. If you've installed a floor guide, make sure that the bottom of the barn door glides through it, too. Your helper can guide it through as you hang the door on the track.

The hangers should fit right over the track, with the roller wheels lining up smoothly along the flat track. Depending on its weight, you may need an extra set of hands to lift the door up and position it onto the track.

7. Test the Door

Finally, it's time to test the door. You and your helper should take turns moving the door with its newly-attached barn door hangers while the other watches. This allows you to see and feel any bumps or snags during rolling that might indicate an issue with the door hardware installation.

Top 8 Most Popular Barn Door Hangers

Artisan Hardware features a wide selection of barn door hangers to use with its barn door track options. These barn door hangers can match just about any design, and work with bypass doors, double barn doors, and single doors—from traditional and rustic to contemporary and modern.

The following are just a few of our most popular barn door hangers:

1. Artisan Classic Barn Door Hardware

Artisan Classic Barn Door Hardware is one of our most loved traditional barn door styles. Its sleek hangers combine with understated rolling wheels, making it the perfect fit for almost any home interior style. In fact, it's the most requested and purchased style for sliding barn door hardware.

Because it comes in several finishes, you can customize the hangers to fit right in with any colors and styles you choose. If you're going for a more eye-catching look, choose brushed copper, brushed brass, or red. Or, stick with a more classic look, like raw steel, black, or bronze.

2. Arrow Barn Door Hardware

Our Arrow Barn Door Hardware hangers add a striking look to your sliding barn door that you just can’t get from a more classic style. This set of hangers is an excellent choice for a contemporary design, with its pointed ends and curved lines. A small wheel allows for a smooth rolling door without overwhelming the eye.

Select the option for pre-drilled holes if you'd like for us to take care of that part of the installation for you. Then, decide what finish your new barn door hangers and door hardware kit will look best in, including stainless, satin chrome, or raw steel.

3. Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware

Does your home have rustic charm? Choose the Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware kit to get horseshoe-shaped barn door hangers for a single, double, or bypass barn door. These hangers blend seamlessly with a rustic theme, especially in a bronze or raw steel finish.

Made with a laser-powered cutting machine, these barn door hangers are cut to perfection, making each one into a realistic horseshoe shape with beautiful rounded edges. Their strong design supports doors up to 300 pounds.

4. Traditional Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel

The Traditional Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel takes a bite right out of Western style with its large rolling wheel situated on thin barn door hangers. The spoke wheel is six inches in diameter, making it stand out on its track.
Mirror black, black, and bronze are popular finishes for this door hardware kit, but other finishes, like brushed brass and white, can make the hangers and track pop against a contrasting door or wall.

5. Helix Barn Door Hardware

The Helix Barn Door Hardware and hangers is an excellent option for modern and industrial spaces. Straight lines and a small roller wheel give a more geometric design than some of our other kits, and flat screw head covers lead to a clean, polished look.

Customers love this kit in a stainless steel finish. However, finishing it with brushed copper or brushed brass can add a unique touch to a bathroom or kitchen with copper or brass fixtures.

6. Small Barn Door Hardware For Cabinets

Artisan Hardware also offers smaller hangers and hardware kits for cabinet doors, like the Small Barn Door Hardware For Cabinets. Unlike regular sliding barn door kit options for more heavy-duty doors, this cabinet kit features a decorative track and hangers with low-profile clearance and a smaller stature to fit cabinets perfectly.

Choose from the same finishes for your hardware and hangers as you would from our regular single and double door kits, and let us know if you'd like us to pre-drill the holes for you.

7. Artisan Top Mount Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel

A completely different way to hang barn doors is at your fingertips when you choose the Artisan Top Mount Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel set. This barn door hardware kit features barn door hangers that mount to the top of your doors rather than the front. If you don't want the hangers interfering with the look of your door, this is the way to go.

Rather than on the door, the most eye-catching feature will be on top of the track with a large rolling wooden wheel. The stained wood wheel contrasts with any of our metal finishes and can match well with a stained wood door.

8. Helio Barn Door Hardware

Another popular set of barn door hangers and hardware is the Helio Barn Door Hardware kit, which looks similar to our Helix Barn Door Hardware set. However, the rounded edges on these hangers might be better for spaces with more curved rather than angular geometry. The set is available for both single and bi-parting doors.

Installing and Choosing the Right Barn Door Hangers for Your Space is the best place to go for all of your rolling barn door hardware needs, including brand-new barn door hangers. We have an excellent selection of hardware kits for any door in your home, including a closet door, patio door, or entryway door panel. We also offer our kits and hangers in various metal finishes to help you match your pick to your home or office design.

Additionally, your purchase comes with our worry-free satisfaction guarantee. That means that you'll receive 100 percent credit on the cost of your product if you're not completely satisfied with it. This includes any custom product from Artisan Hardware, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the money you spent on your custom barn door hardware kit is protected.
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