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Accent Walls in Your Home

Wednesday May 27th, 2020
Every home decorating show teaches you how important it is to add interest and texture to a room. This can be tricky to do. If you underdo it, a room looks plain and uninviting. If you overdo it, a room can be totally overwhelming. So how do you figure out that balance? An easy way to add a little contrast and pull is by creating an accent wall.

What is an Accent Wall?
An accent wall is one of four walls in a room that can either be slightly or drastically different than the others. Since an accent wall is different than the other three, it adds dimension, intrigue and style. You can choose any wall to be your accent wall, but most people choose the main wall you see when you walk into a room.

How Should an Accent Wall Look?
Bold colors can be overwhelming, which is why many people love creating an accent wall. An accent wall can allow you to do a fun pop of color without taking over the whole space. A common rule of thumb for beginners is to make your accent wall two shades darker than the other walls.

A popular trend lately is to cover your accent wall in wallpaper or wood panels. These options add even more texture and interest to a room. Wallpaper allows you to work with more colors and designs while wood panels can help you create a desired aesthetic. We love the look of wood panels on an accent wall which is why we have so many options available. Check them out here.

Why Adding Interest is Important? 
Your home should reflect who you are. It doesn’t matter if your taste is modern, shabby chic or rustic. A bare home doesn’t fit any style! A room with no interesting features feels cold and unwelcoming. There are many different ways you can spice up a space, but an easy way to do it is by adding an accent wall. This can be as simple as adding a bit of paint or shiplap. It isn’t a drastic change, but it’s enough to make a room feel more inviting.

If you have a cool accent wall, we would love to see it! Be sure to send it our way! As always, if you have any questions or need help with an order, please contact our service team. They would love to help.

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