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Accent Wall Tips: 6 Essential Dos and Don'ts

Monday October 26th, 2020
Deciding on an accent wall can be tricky. From the color to the location there’s many different aspects to take into account! Accent walls have evolved over the years leaving today's accent wall trends very different from 10 years ago. We hope to inform you and help you make a decision with this list of 2020 accent wall do’s and don’ts!

Do be afraid to go bold. Neutral color schemes have been really popular this year making accent wall decisions a piece of cake. Contrast is the very meaning behind an accent wall, so if you’re looking to keep a neutral color scheme go with a dark brown or a dark grey! Neutral colors in a darker shade are just as stunning and eye catching as a bright color!

Don’t mix ideas. We all know it’s very hard to pick an idea and stick with it, but when deciding on an accent wall one idea is key! You don’t want to mix wall paper with paint on a single wall. An accent wall is meant to compliment a room by bringing contrast and depth to what’s already there!

Do get creative. Sticking to one idea is not meant to limit the creativity that goes into deciding on an accent wall. Deciding on an accent wall should be fun! Think outside the box and see what you can come up with!

Don’t forget about options other than paint. Paint is a very common and stunning option for accent walls, but there are other options! Wallpaper is surprisingly easy to install and there are various different patterns, pictures, and designs to pick from. Wood paneling is also a great option for more of an outdoorsy look that focuses on texture and depth. Lastly, metal paneling can be super cool in an industrial styled space with the natural color variations and impurities of metal!

Do take into consideration the location for your accent wall. You can make any wall into an accent wall, but be mindful of the design and decor of your space. An accent wall can be a busier wall with lots of decor or a wall that stands alone. Take into consideration the amount of light that hits each wall when deciding on a location to avoid overwhelming the space.

Don’t rule out an accent wall if your walls are already a bold color. Accent walls don’t need to be bright. In fact, your accent wall can be the only neutral colored wall in your home! Accent walls are meant to bring contrast not just color! Textured accent walls are also fun when your walls are already a bold color.

Moral of the story, don’t rule anything out before exploring your options and don’t be afraid to be creative! Your home is unique and you can make your accent wall as unique or ordinary as you choose! There are so many ways to gain ideas and inspiration, if you need help narrowing down a few, put together a mood board!

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