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7 Unique Closet Door Ideas for Bedrooms

Tuesday October 22nd, 2019
When redecorating a bedroom, most  people think about getting new bedding or furniture like a dresser or  nightstand. But choosing unique closet doors is a great way to enhance a  space as well—even if you’re on a budget. We’ve gathered a list of fun  and unique closet door ideas for bedrooms of any style. Check out the  many types of closet doors that will help you make a statement and  refresh your bedroom!

1. Glass Pocket Door

Pocket doors are one of the most  common types of closet doors. This is a great option for those who need  to save on space since the door slides into the wall to open and doesn’t  need to swing outward. While typical pocket doors can be a bit drab and  predictable, mixing things up by choosing a glass pocket door is a  great option! A glass pocket door makes space feel open and airy and  adds a unique touch you’ll love every time you enter the room.

2. Curtain

Curtain for closet doors
(Source: Homedit)
If you’re wanting to save money, a  curtain is an excellent alternative that can serve as a unique closet  door. Curtains are a great way to hide what’s in your closet, and they  can easily be pulled back whenever you’re ready to take something out.  This is a great option for a kid’s bedroom, as even the youngest of kids  can open a curtain. Shop for window curtains or shower curtains, or  have your curtains custom made to perfectly fit the closet. Guests will  love your inventive style—or they might even think a window is hiding  behind the curtain.

3. Bi-Fold Doors

bi-fold closet example
(Source: Amazon)
Bi-fold doors are one of the most  common types of closet doors and for good reason. These types of doors  are functional because they allow you to access your whole closet at  once, and they often look more polished than a pocket door or curtain.  Want to install bi-fold doors with a twist? Try painting a unique design  on the doors, or paint the whole door a bold color.

4. Frosted Doors

Glass door for the bathroom
(see 3-panel Glass Barn Door)
Like glass doors, frosted closet  doors are the perfect way to open up a smaller bedroom, especially when  it allows light to stream through a walk-in closet with the door closed.  A plain glass door may have you worried about keeping the closet clean  since the contents can be seen from the outside. However, you can  eliminate this predicament by choosing frosted doors, which give you the  best of both worlds. Frosted doors will help to open up space and let  in light, but your clothes and other belongings won’t be totally visible  from the outside.

5. Chalkboard Paint Door

Chalkboard Barn Door
(See Chalkboard Barn Door)
Chalkboard paint is being used for  all kinds of purposes these days, from bedroom walls to dressers. So why  not add it to a closet door? A chalkboard paint door will be a truly  unique addition to any room, but it’s an especially fun option for a  child’s room. Pick up some chalk and let the door be a place to express  creativity, write a to-do list, or put up a favorite quote.

6. Sliding Barn Door

White closet door made of sliding barn door
(See 5-Panel Barn Door)
Sliding barn doors are a unique  statement that works with a variety of interior design styles, from  modern farmhouse to industrial. These doors are so versatile, they can  be installed on kitchen pantries or even over sliding doors to the  backyard. Pick from distressed wood styles or try a paneled barn door to  suit the style of your bedroom. There are endless options when it comes  to sliding barn doors for your closet.

7. Mirror Closet Door

Mirror Barn Door
(See Modern Mirror Barn Door)
Mirrored closet doors were popular in  decades of the past, but they’re making a comeback in a new way.  Mirrored closets are functional and practical—they can make a room feel  bigger and also reflect light to brighten up a darker room. Look for  modern mirror closet doors that showcase a panel of mirrors, or try a  door that has a full-length mirror.

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