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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find your answer, feel free to call or send us a message through our contact form. We will do our best to answer your questions in an effective and prompt manner.


What is the average shipping time?

Hardware: 5-7 business days production, 2-4 days in transit
Doors: 4-6 weeks production, 2-4 days transit – UPS Freight

How much bigger should the door be than the opening?

At least 2″ wider on each side and 1″ taller. Or from trim to trim around an encased door.
See our video below for more information:

How much clearance is needed above the opening?

4-9” depending on the hardware selected. See hardware spec sheets for individual dimensions.

How are the tracks shipped?

Tracks up to 9ft are shipped in one piece, any tracks longer than this must be shipped in two equal pieces. All tracks over 9ft will include a “splice kit” to connect the two tracks.

Does the hardware have a warranty and return policy?

Yes, the hardware is warranted for life in terms of function, see warranty here. There is also a 14 day money back return policy on hardware. Custom orders are non refundable.

How thick are your doors?

Our doors come standard 1 1/2″- 1 3/4″ depending on the style.

My opening has trim, do your spacers accommodate this?

Yes, our hardware is manufactured to clear any standard molding, trim, or door frame on an existing doorway. The standard spacer is 1 1/2″. We also have spacers ranging from 1″- 2 1/2″ upon request.

I have a custom job, are you able to build hardware specific to my need?

Absolutely, we take pride in our ability to design and build as partners with our customers! Please call for a quote and help us capture the vision so we can create yours.

How much does the hardware weigh?

A standard set of hardware will weigh between 10-14lbs, depending on the style. The rail is on average an additional 8-12lbs depending on the length.

Do I need a bottom guide?

Yes, we suggest utilizing our bottom guides.
The bottom guide is used to prevent your door from swinging as it rides along the rolling track and gives it that finished, smooth feel.

Which bottom guide is the best option?

Each bottom guide comes with different benefits. Our guides are made to ensure that we meet all of our customers’ different needs or scenarios. To better understand how each guide works watch this video below.

What is a “Kitted” door?

Our “Kitted” Door option is for those customers who cannot fit a fully built door into their basement or space and require the door to come in pieces. We will send custom pieces of wood that must be assembled accordingly on site. These doors are not under warranty since we are not responsible for “building” your door. We suggest ordering a Fully Built Door if possible.

What is a “Fully Built” door?

Our fully built doors come custom made and are ready to be hung on display. The hardware is not yet attached to your door(s) and must be installed on site.

What does “Pre-Hung” mean?

Our Pre-Hung doors bring our “Fully Built Doors” to the next level. These custom made doors come attached to your specified hardware. This hardware is attached to a matching header board which makes installation an easy, seamless process.
To learn more about this option please see the video below.


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